Beginner Track

Are you or someone you know just getting started on the Uke? Begin your ukulele journey at the Allegheny Ukulele Soirée!
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9:15 AM
Title Description Instructor Level
Absolute Beginners: Fresh Out of the Box

Got a ukulele? Let’s go! Beginners will learn playing position, thumb and pointer finger strumming, and 4 chords in the Key of C. We’ll play through a number of songs, culminating in a 3-4 chord masterpiece that will have you humming all day long. 🎬

Amber Rozel Novice, Beginner
10:30 AM
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Singing and Strumming

This class for beginners covers strategies to conquer the mountain of singing and strumming at the same time. We’ll use familiar popular and folk songs to get you up and running by the end of class.

Amber Rozel Novice, Beginner
1:00 PM
Title Description Instructor Level
Group Play

You’ve been playing the ‘ukulele for a while now. You go to your uke jam every week or so and all of you play the same some every week… It’s time to spice up those songs and get your group sounding better than ever! 🎬

Craig Chee Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
2:30 PM
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Got UAS? Ukulele Buying Tips

UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) is a serious thing. We can help! Based on her well-reviewed Ukulele Underground Podcast, Mim will lead the class in a discussion of what to look for when buying a new ukulele.

Mim All Levels
4:00 PM
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Hawaiian Songs

Some ukulele players shy away from songs in Hawaiian, and miss out on some amazing songs.  This workshop will teach the basic Hawaiian pronunciation, and attendees will learn a variety of traditional Hawaiian songs, both in English and Hawaiian. 🎬

Hollie Mendenhall All Levels